Who we are:


A German-owned engineering consultancy firm with a focus on building energy efficiency, building thermophysics, renewable energy, energyplus/zero energy/passive house technology, computational simulation, HVAC systems, thermal comfort German Sustainable Building Certification labels, and daylight/lighting system analysis. We have the honor to be the first to bring German DGNB sustainable building certification, passive house technology, and energyplus building technology to China and witness their development.


What We Have Achieved In China In The Past:

  • Consulted Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany for its structure glitches
  • Consulted First DGNB Project in China, and following three DGNB projects in this country
  • Consulted First DENA passive-house certified office building in Shijiazhuang
  • Trained the team for the First DENA passive-house certified residential block
  • Consulted First and the largest DGNB Mixed-use office & Hotel certification in Asia
  • Consulted First and largest DGNB Gold District certification worldwide
  • Consulted the First DGNB Gold Interior Fit-out certification for a high-rise office building
  • Consulted the Forbidden City for the restoration and retrofit of a preserved pavilion
  • Consulted Beijing Capital Intl Airport T3 with its lighting and HVAC system audit
  • The First PHI-certified high-rise residential PassivHaus building in Tianjin
  • The First DGNB Industrical pre-assessment for a world famous German automobile factory in Shanghai
  • First strict energyplus (surplus energy) building built in China

What We Are Going To Do:

  • Energy planning for the first Carbon Neutral District in China





About energydesign (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


A Shanghai-based engineering and consulting firm for low energy consumption, high functionality and optimal cost solutions for the built environment, building, district, and industrial process. We work as consultant and specialist in collaboration with other design teams to serve our clients. We provide services towards low carbon solutions with high functional performance and optimized cost on a high level of sustainability. Originated from Germany with 30 years of professional experience, energydesign entered China in 2008 and has been delivering engineering and consulting services in China and other Asian countries ever since. As a hidden champion, energydesign has advanced technologies and approaches towards sustainable building design and development (such as DGNB certification, energyplus/passive-house design and integrated energy concepts etc.) in China.


About OSBEE GmbH


Shorten name of Office for Sustainable Built Environment Engineering - an engineering, consulting and applied research firm in Stuttgart. The team is committed to the sustainable development in a broader sense and contributes to the technology development and applications through a focus on the built environment. As the mother company of energydesign shanghai, OSBEE GmbH serves its clents in China and Asia through innovative technology transfer, and cutting-edge research from Germany.