Notable speeches by Joseph van der Elst and Sebastian Schulz at the 9th Jiangsu International Conference on Green Buildings






As part of the Sino-German District Energy Forum, organized by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) at the 9th Jiangsu International Green Building Conference held in Nanjing on 3rd Nov. 2016, Joseph van der Elst and Sebastian Schulz discussed their experiences of retrofit projects for buildings and urban districts. As pointed out by the two speakers, energy-efficient measures need to scale and speed up in order to meet national and global environmental goals in the coming years. Different technologies and methodologies from energydesign’s practice were presented by Mr. van der Elst and Mr. Schulz, which will contribute to the retrofitting of buildings and entire neighborhoods to meet energy-efficiency targets and higher living-quality for urban residents nationwide.


2016年11月3日第九届江苏国际绿色建筑大会在南京举行。在由德国国际合作机构(GIZ)组织的中德地区能源论坛分论坛上,设能建筑咨询(上海)有限公司的两位专家Joseph van der Elst和Sebastian Schulz分享了他们在建筑和城市改造项目上的经验。正如两位发言中所指出的,需要大力加快节能措施的应用推广,以便在未来几年内实现国内和全球环境目标。同时,他们介绍了设能公司在不断实践中总结的技术方法,也将继续在建筑和社区改造过程中发挥作用,帮助客户实现能源效率目标,提高城市居民的生活质量。