German Enterprise Centre Awarded The DGNB Platinum Certificate






After nearly five years of continuous efforts, energydesign announces proudly that the German Enterprise Centre has been awarded the DGNB Platinum Certificate in October 2016. It becomes the second successful DGNB Platinum certified project in this country after Landsea Bruck as the first Platinum certified in 2015, both of which are lead and audited by energydesign auditor Joseph Van Der Elst and his team. This is the largest mixed-use DGNB Platinum project so far in the world with an area of 75,000m2 in Qingdao Sino-German Eco-park, as a monument featuring the outstanding German engineering quality in this country in terms of its best sustainable achievement on energy efficiency and environment protection advantages. It has been certified as Green Building Label 3-star in the meantime, and awarded the LUBAN prize. energydesign Shanghai will keep working on introducing and realizing the German quality engineering and devoting itself into the sustainable building technologies and improved built environment for China and other countries.


在接近五年的努力之下,设能公司荣誉地宣布,青岛中德生态园德国企业中心项目于2016年10月获得DGNB白金级认证。继2015年朗诗布鲁克项目之后,它成为中国第二个成功获得德国DGNB白金级认证的示范项目。两者均由设能公司DGNB认证审核专家Joseph Van Der Elst及其团队历时数年,引领整个项目成功获得这两项最高级的认证。 本项目位于青岛中德生态园,建筑总面积达75,000平米,同时也是世界上获得DGNB白金级认证的最大综合体型建筑,具有里程碑一样的意义。德国企业中心体现了杰出的德国工程技术水平,在建筑能效方面达成了最佳的可持续性指标以及环保性能。项目同时获得了绿建三星认证和中国鲁班奖。 设能公司将继续致力于引入、推广,并实现德国建筑工程技术在中国的应用,并且改善中国及其他国家的建成环境水平。