Award Ceremony Of Landsea DGNB Certification — The First DGNB Gold Certificate In China (upgraded to Platinum)


朗诗DGNB认证颁奖仪式 — 中国首个DGNB金级认证项目 (已升为白金级)



energydesign is delighted to announce that the first DGNB certification was granted to Landsea group at BAU Congress Beijing on June 23rd, 2015. Indeed, the Bruck project on Changxing R&D base achieved DGNB Gold qualities for New Residential Building scheme. It has achieved an overall score of 80.6%, thanks to outstanding envelope quality, great sound insulation and great thermal comfort and indoor air quality. For energydesign, this award recognizes 5 years of pioneering DGNB system for sustainable buildings in China. Because we have identified that this certification was so useful for building owners to improve functionality and lower operation costs, set quality standards higher than national requirements where it matters and minimize the building life cycle’s impact on the environment. DGNB allows for the project brief to percolate faithfully throughout all project stages, and among all stakeholders. Or simply put: to reach the subtle balance of sustainability for buildings with a purpose!

This project has been upgraded by the DGNB committee from Gold to Platinum in Jul 2015.