Eurocampus – German School Shanghai Yangpu project granted the Certificate of Energy Efficiency Awards 2020 – East China by German Government (BMWi)



On September 16th, German Chamber of Commerce hosted its event of Energy Efficiency Awards 2020 – East China in their Shanghai office. About 30 invited guests came to join this ceremony to witness the best-practice showcase projects in east China. More attendees joined the ceremony through live streaming. Finally our project Eurocampus –German School Shanghai Yangpu scooped up the award as one of five winners. Dr. Yanping Zhou, Managing Director of enenrgydesign, and Mr. Sven Heineken, German School Representative, received the certificate from the Head of Department of Market Entry & Business Development, Mr. Marcus Wassmuth.


Check German School's Website for details: Deutsche Schule Shanghai Yangpu . It is also the source of cover photo.


9月16日德国商会在其上海办公室举行了“华东地区2020建筑节能奖”颁奖典礼,约30位嘉宾受邀出席并见证了获奖的五个建筑节能最佳示范项目,其余商会成员通过视讯在线的方式共同参与了颁奖活动。最终,我们公司参评的“上海杨浦德国外籍人员子女学校项目”成为五强之一,荣获华东地区2020建筑节能大奖。公司董事总经理周博士和德国学校代表Sven Heineken先生从德国商会市场准入及业务拓展部负责人Marcus Wassmuth先生手中接过了荣誉证书及奖牌。


访问德国学校官网: Deutsche Schule Shanghai Yangpu . It is also the source of cover photo.


This is not the first time for energydesign to win the prize. In the fall of 2015, we also won the same honor by the German Enterprise Centre Qingdao im Deutsch Chinesischen Oekopark project. Meanwhile, The Deutsch-Chinesisches Effizienzhaus in Harbin, to which we offered our MEP concept and passivhaus calculations along with our close partner dena and cstc, won another certificate in the same year. The two awards are our great success in the field of energy-saving buildings over these years


这并非设能公司作为主要参与者的项目第一次获奖,在2015年我们曾凭借青岛德国中心项目获此殊荣。同时,我公司与亲密合作伙伴德国能源署、住建部科技产业中心一同提供MEP方案和被动房计算的一个项目 – 哈尔滨辰能中德合作被动房,在同一场合获得了另外一块奖牌。 两次获奖是我们团队深耕节能建筑领域取得的巨大成功。


The award is in recognition of building demonstration projects using innovative energy-saving solutions from Germany. Mr. Hans Niemann, chief engineer of energydesign and LEED consultant of this project, delivered a brief and informative presentation. He introduced the advanced energy-saving technology and measures applied in the project, and pointed out that the project has implemented the best technical practice of German architecture and represents the most advanced energy-saving solutions from Germany.


该奖项是为了表彰使用了德国创新节能解决方案的建筑示范项目。Hans Niemann先生作为设能公司的主任工程师,同时也是上海杨浦德国学校的LEED认证顾问,上台做了简短的项目展示。他介绍了项目运用到的先进节能技术措施,并指出该项目践行了德国建筑的最佳技术标准,代表了德国最先进的节能解决方案。



This project is applying for the first LEED Platinum K-12 School Campus in China and China Green Building 3-star Label. Thanks to the optimized energy concept and MEP system concept proposed and developed by enerydesign, the overall energy consumption and cost are reduced by more than 30% compared to ASHRAE or Chinese national standards. Additionally, the renewable energy utilization rate of the project reaches 10%, and the non-traditional water utilization rate is 22%.


项目正在申请中国第一个LEED K-12白金级校园认证及中国绿色建筑三星标识。正是得益于设能公司制定的项目节能方案及机电优化方案,相较于美国采暖、制冷与空调工程师学会标准或中国国标,项目总体能耗水平及成本降低了30%。另外,项目的可再生能源利用率达到10%,非传统水源利用率为22%。


Coincidentally, another award-winning project at the stage, Landsea Bruck, was also consulted by energydesign for its accomplished German DGNB platinum certification. Congratulations to the Architect Peter Ruge.


巧合的是,今年获奖的另外一个项目朗诗布鲁克,也是由设能公司提供并完成德国DGNB白金认证的。谨此恭喜建筑师Peter Ruge获奖。




[Background about the Energy Efficiency Awards from BMWi]




With the urgent need for the protection of our climate and fossil fuel resources becoming Scarce, both economic prosperity and competitiveness increasingly depend on our ability to use new energy sources and energy efficiency solutions. This applies to all countries worldwide.




The use of innovative energy solutions offers enormous potential for energy conservation in all fields. The promotion of smart and sustainable energy solutions in Germany has resulted in the establishment of an industry which offers some of the world's leading technologies. This industry encompasses several thousand small and medium-sized enterprises specialized in the development, design and production of renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, smart grids and storage technologies.




The Energy Efficiency Awards are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, sponsored by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, to recognize the positive impact of German businesses on the Chinese building sector.