GENIUS – 城市可持续发展的整合设计


GENIUS – German Engineering Integrated for Urban Sustainability



The GENIUS Project has kicked off in China, hosted by ILEK Stuttgart, CCSBC, Constellations, and energydesign. A workshop was held on 26th and 27th September at the Hamburg House at Shanghai’s Expo Site, where around 50 participants discussed about sustainable planning and design for schools in China. Architects, engineers and designers, as well as teachers, principals and scientists found together in small groups to explore innovative planning games to build better and more sustainable school environments for its users and the surrounding cities. Examples from Germany and China were discussed, including the EuroCampus Yangpu, a high-quality foreign school in Shanghai designed by gmp with LEED Platinum and GBL 3-star certification, conducted by energydesign.


The workshop represents only the start of GENIUS, which is funded by the “Research in Germany” initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. A follow-up of the workshop with more content and information will soon be distributed over the official CCSBC WeChat Channel.


日前,由德国斯图加特大学ILEK研究所、可持续建筑能力中心、Constellations 和设能建筑共同主办的GENIUS项目在国内正式启动,9月26日至27日在上海世博会原址的汉堡馆举行了启动研讨会,约50名与会者共同讨论了中国学校建筑的可持续发展规划设计。参会的建筑师、工程师、设计师以及教师、校长和科学专家分小组进行创新性的益智游戏,探讨如何通过更好的项目规划,为学校本身和所在的城市,建造更可持续发展的建筑。会上大家分享了德国和中国在这方面的经验和示范项目,典型案例如上海杨浦欧洲学校,该项目由德国gmp负责设计、设能负责绿色建筑认证咨询,建成后学校将成为一所获得LEED白金认证和3星绿色标识的高标准外资学校。


GENIUS项目是由德国联邦教育与科研部发起,并由“Research in Germany”资助,此次研讨会只是GENIUS项目的开端,关于研讨会的后续报道、信息公开、成果展示等都将陆续由可持续建筑能力中心(CCSBC)官方微信公众号发布。







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